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Access to documents directly from the MFP panel


    • Did you know that during the average working day you spend 10% of your time just searching for documents?
    • Are you able to access your printing documents quickly and from any place?
    • Can you be sure that the information that you print are up to date, accurate and reliable?

Users which are daily confronted with large quantities of documents, understand great importance of the accuracy, speed of access and data security. Key importance is the availability of documents at any time, because only on the basis of accurate and timely information, they can accelerate business processes and make the right decision. Thanks to an advanced set of tools, "mfpcloud" provides ease of use.

"mfpcloud"-an intelligent solution for safe operation and management of print content

"mfpcloud" is a CMS application that provides users to add, manage, and print documents from all registered multifunction devices within the corporate network. This solution is a set of tools intended for knowledge management and documents directly via control panel of multifunction devices registered in the local network.

No matter what line of business it is, whether it is manufacturing, financial services, utilities or public services, "mfpcloud" will streamline the flow of access to documents, greatly increase productivity, speed of access and timely access to the latest information...


Look at examples, test and see how easy and quick it is to get the documents directly from MFP!


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