"mfpcloud" Vidi e-novation 2011 finalist



"mfpcloud" was nominated for the VIDI e-novation 2011 reward for information and communication products and services (hardware, software, services ...) in the category: Web promotion, community services and social media applications in the Croatia region. "mfpcloud" presents a set of advanced tools that provide users to add, manage, and print documents without PC.

    • Retrieve, manage, and print documents directly from the MFP
    • Access to public information from the MFP interface

"mfpcloud" at Inforestart 2011

Info mfpcloud   

This year Fair Inforestart (9 - 12.11.2011.) gathered more than 100,000 visitors. For the visitors we prepared an all-day attractive programme including numerous presentations about "mfpcloud". We held a panel discussion about document and print management and featuring current topics related to the cloud printing solutions, case studies, etc.

Info stand1

At the exhibition stand we introduced "mfpcloud" in the network environment and storing documents on "mfpcloud". Visitors were also able to search and access documents in "mfpcloud" and print them directly from the control panel of MFP MX-2610. Our unique, live presentation concept was interesting and dynamic to all visitors.



"mfpcloud" at IBM FORUM

IBM forum

Umag, 15. rujna 2011. – IBM Forum 2011

At one of the biggest business and ICT conference in Croatia, Duplico d.o.o. presented the latest printing solutions in the cloud environment. Through a series of lectures and active demonstration of "mfpcloud" application, participants were shown the availability of access and print of all types of documents directly from MFP device.


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