System Requirements


 "mfpcloud" is installed on a central network server and is accessible from any registered MFP in network. End user acces "mfpcloud" through internet browser on MFP panel, and MFP with a valid network connection has no additional requirements for hardware or software. Scalable platform, which supports a multi-server distributed architecture, allows users to install "mfpcloud" across multiple servers to achieve redundancy and network load balancing (NLB).

*Minimum system configuration


    • Processor: Intel Xeon (multiple cores)
    • Memory: 4 GB RAM
    • Hard drive: Capacity of Hard Drive depends only on the quantity of stored documents
    • Network: 100/1000 Mbps


    • Microsoft Windows Server 2008 Web Edition
    • IIS (Internet Information Services)
    • Microsoft SQL Express

Multifunction device

SHARP multifunction device with integrated Aplication communication modul and Postscript 3 modul.

*Minimum system configuration specified above is required to increase proportionally in relation to the number of users and devices connected to mfpcloud system.

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